Separate out "Check for updates" from "Download & Install"

I’m a user that disables automatic updates on some of my software, because I prefer my tools to update when I tell them to, not the other way around.

The “Check for updates” button is misleading. Once Obsidian finds an update, it will be installed on the next launch, regardless of whether I want it.

Sometimes you might want to check for updates and have the choice to update. If I’m still on 1.0.0, for example, and a feature I enjoy using is to be removed in 1.1.0, then it’s not clear to me how I can update to 1.0.3 (for example) in order to get bugfixes and security patches.

My thinking here was that I would check for updates, and if 1.0.3 was ready, I would install it, but if 1.1.0 was the latest, then I would go check its changelog to see if I wanted to install. I don’t have that option though, as 1.1.0 will be installed at next launch and it doesn’t look like there’s a way to prevent it at that point.