Separate autopair brackets from autopair quotations

Use case or problem

As a writer, there are times when I do not need to close quotation marks.

If a speaker’s dialog is being spread across multiple paragraphs, it is necessary to begin each paragraph with an open quotation mark and incorrect to close quotation marks until the speaker is finished.

If I have autopair on for brackets, quotation marks are also autopaired. Consequently, if I want autopair on for brackets I am forced to constantly delete quotation marks when confronted with the scenario I described.

Also, there are times when I will need to quote verbatim something someone has said and then continue on past the quote. Even if I wanted to keep autopair quotations, it does not work the same as autopair brackets. If I autopair brackets and type in the name of an existing note and then hit return, the carriage moves outside the brackets. If I try the same with quotation marks, hitting return moves the last quotation down to a new line. So instead, I kind of have to mash the side of my right hand down on the right arrow key in order to continue writing outside the quotation marks.

Proposed solution

Separate autopairing brackets into its own toggle.

It would also be great if hitting “enter” exited you from autopaired brackets and brought the carriage to the right of them whether or not the user has selected a note or not.