Self hosting obsidian markdowns in a TLD domain? How to achieve?

Input=I write in obsidian.
Output=It gets published in my website

How do I achieve this?

The thing is that I want this to be a great devops project (not web dev project so UX doesn’t matter).

I want to use every components, irrespective of whether they’re required or not:

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Network Firewall
  • VPN (openvpn)
  • Master slave architecture
  • Load balancer
  • proxy pass (reverse proxy-nginx)
  • DNS server
  • Anything else that I forgot?
  • I prefer to use docker, kubernetes, terraform whatever if required as well. This is going to be an absolute unit of devops project as a product support engineer and aspiring devops engineer.
  • database that use SQL to store the content. I’ll create tables by myself.

All I’ve is a domain name and a spare laptop.

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