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I don’t trust any servers with my note data and prefer to have them offline. However, Syncthing cannot sync with iOS devices because of that stupid sandboxing–or rather, because there’s no way to make a local folder sync on an iOS/iPadOS device (if you know how to do this I’d highly appreciate for your advice!).

Therefore, I’d like to ask for a feature in Sync that will allow for private synchronisation between Obsidian devices. It shouldn’t be too hard, you just point to the IP of the server and it works thereon.

The Sync feature will remain paid, of course.


There isn’t much of an issue with trust because the notes are end-to-end encrypted. That is, the notes are stored on server encrypted and you have the key.

However, this FR may have other use cases, especially for businesses. In that case, even the pricing model might be different.
Let’s keep the FR open and see where it goes.

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Hey @WhiteNoise,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the issue is a somewhat attenuated with P2P encryption, but I still don’t trust any servers with having my notes even when encrypted. I’d rather have them on my device only.

To be fair & clear, this is not distrust placed in Obsidian creators, but in anyone else that might possibly have an access to the encrypted note data–illegally or otherwise.

Maybe I should open a new FR for a new option to delete server data after sync is done?

i want self-host server too. im ok about uploading my note, it’s not private data.

but , i get 32g data from nextcloud/ 17g from joplin, really need to use my own server!

in my working , sometime i cant use my own device, a web version is great !

plz !

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I use syncthing and never had a problem
windows - Ubuntu - Android

Especially for folks that run IOS, this is really the only feasible path for syncing, and I and several other folks at my workplace would love a self-hosted option. E2EE claims aren’t enough, in certain industries the servers need to be certified to a certain level to host data, even if it is encrypted, so having a self-hosted paid version would be valuable.

Is there any news on this?

I would love to use Obsidian commercially if the collaboration feature and self-hosted sync would be integrated.

At the moment, vault sharing is on the short-term roadmap, self-hosted sync server is not.

Thank you for your quick response!

Is there an estimate of what short-term means?

Is there a way to increase the position of self-hosted sync on the roadmap? Do users with commercial licenses have some voting rights on road map prioritization?

There is a roadmap of things that will happen

There are no time estimates attached. To show support for a FR you can hearth the relative thread on the forum and comment on it.

Especially for people who host many services themselves, this would be a really nice feature. I hope this could be done at some point in the future.