Self hosted notes by using MkDocs (with blogging capability)


I am the developer of GitHub Publisher and the linked template.

As you can see in the manifest.json, you are using the exact same “old” name for your project.

Using the same name can be confusing for both of us, so could you please consider changing the name of your project?

I understand that my project is not protected by any law or copyright, but I would like to maintain a recognizable name and avoid any confusion with your work, as our projects are quite different.

Although it is possible to use plugins from my project within obsidian-github-publisher, it is likely that features such as “backlinks” or “blog” may not function correctly without further modifications, but…

To be honest, I would like to test the blog and backlinks plugins that you have developed, as they could be valuable additions to my template. From what I have seen, there should be no issues with these plugins working alongside mine.

My project aims to enable publishing on various configurations, including Mkdocs (as my template is based on it), as well as Hugo and Jekyll. That’s why I initially chose a “generic” name. Perhaps I should consider changing it now. However, renaming the project could potentially confuse users, and I also have numerous repositories that would need to be renamed if I choose this option.

By the way, if you need to reach me, you can contact me on Discord (mara__li) or send me a private message in the forum.

Thank you.