Selective Sync inevitable

You are asking 8USD/month for sync and versioning, which is not unreasonable, but …

I’ve been using a wiki as my brain for over 20 years. Some key points I’ve learned are:

  • Do NOT have multiple Vaults, because you are going to be having duplicate information between them or have to link between them anyways. Vaults should be namespaces.
  • Do have folders where you can bundle notes with relevant attachments. If an attachment is share between notes, it can become its own note with links to it from each usage. I have been able to implement this, but I mention it in relation to Selective Sync.
  • Selective Sync is inevitable! My note structure should not be forced upon someone else, but I should be able to easily share pages, folders or large parts of my vault/database with others e.g., via tags or namespaces. And those shares should easily be added to my Vault, perhaps under a separate namespace. The vault size will continue to grow and you are not going to want to share/sync all of it, all the time e.g., to a smaller devices or to colleagues.
  • Management tools are needed for refactoring notes into namespaces, folders and tags. The possibility to Archive/retire parts of the vault should be possible.
  • versioning is not optional and should be per note.

I also think you should consider splitting the sync into different price categories according to usage e.g., 3USD for a small amount of data synced, 8 USD for larger amounts, and more for larger vaults.

I have a hard time subscribing to your sync service when I know down the road my vault is going to be too limited (as in just a project or work) or too general that I can’t share all of it with work or friends.

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I am gonna move this thread to help.

Can you kindly split this into multiple atomic Feature Requests, and kindly search before posting and follow the feature request template.


You filling this under help is kind of insulting.

What my post is trying to say is that Obsidian in its current form is NOT a sustainable solution for note in the long-term. And, that I would buy in as a customer, but I have apprehension for doing so, because I would be buying into a solution that would make me hit the wall down the road.

Feel free to ignore my warning, but I don’t need help.

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