Selective folding/unfolding

Use case or problem

The folding/unfold option is too broad. I would like the option to select which headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) to fold/unfold, the option to fold/unfold only the lists, a default setup for folding status every time I open a link(like always have unfolded H1 and H2 but the rest of headings and lists folded), and also the bug that when you have checklists folded but you check a checkbox from a different list, all checkboxes unfold.

Proposed solution

Maybe a plugin that addresses this issue on the outline section, but it should also include the option of folding only lists (and checkboxes).

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This has been requested in various forms. It’s better if search and join an existing request insted of opening a new one.

How I do that?

search and post and that thread

I haven’t found anything similar nor that addresses all this requests. A month ago I reported the checkboxes’ bug but nobody replied.

Got it!