Selection of text in editor for enclosing operators

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Use case or problem

When modifying selected text with a enclosing operator like $...$ or ==…==, the original text remains selected. I normally want to modify it by adding or editing, but this, of course, immediately replaces the selected text - not what is normally wanted.

Proposed solution

I would like enclosing operators to deselect text, unless there is some common use case (which I’ve never seen) for keeping the text selected.

Current workaround (optional)

ctrl+z to undo accidental replacement, mouse click in selection to deselect, then edit.

Related feature requests (optional)


I guess the philosophy is that the application should not undo a selection that the user made by itself. Users select text to do something with it. Some users also may want to continue working with the selection. Currently, if you want to undo the selection, it suffices to hit the forward or backward arrow. That will bring the cursor at the start or at the end of the selection.

A common use case to keep the text selected may be to apply bold then italics to the selected text.

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