Selected text into linked note

One should be able to select a section of a note and press hotkey. This will create a new linked note with selected contents and link to source note.


Oooh! Oooh! YES I like that.

Can I be more specific - this would be great! Why didn’t I think of that?


Hehe. Ive been using Obsidian Ever for the last 3 weeks and I realised that I’ve been taking notes onto a single page -> Ctrl+X -> Title Name ->Alt+A(returns “[[”) Ctrl+Click ->Ctrl V.

Then it dawned on me that all that could be automated to save a lot of time!


I really love this idea, came here to propose this.

For me, one of the use cases is that I write big daily notes and I’d much rather separate parts of them to their own files. For example, if I had a conversation with Chris on some topics, it would look like this in the daily note:

  • conversation with Chris on our project Zero
    ** [[Chris]] had idea X, that was connected to [[Y]] we concluded this and that
    ** our next steps are …

I’d like to create a note "“conversation with Chris on our project Zero” and then later have backlinks to that note, not to the daily note where I have a lot of different topics mixed.

It could easily work with selecting a few lines, clicking a command and then those lines would be moved to a file that’s named as the first line of the selection, with an option to immediately transclude that note, or just automatically doing that.

I see this generally being very useful with any kind of (too) big notes with various topics where you later would love to atomize the notes.

edit for clarity


Well, third-party plugin Note refactor solved this!