"Selected note shown highlighted on the Local Graph" How do I do this?

There is a feature request from last year to highlight a selected note in graph view. Hence when, for example, you are 4 levels deep, the original note may appear in red, or some other way of distinguishing it from the surrounding noise.
The feature request says it was completed in v12.12.
However, I cannot work out how to highlight a note in graph view, so I can still identify it as I go from level 1, to 2, 3, 4, and so see all its connections.
Can someone explain how to do this please?
To be clear, I am not asking how to filter out a note, but how to find or highlight one note while maintaining every other note on the screen

The feather of giving the center node a predefined different color has been achieved for months. It is automatic, no manual operation is needed.

For your request, i think you can set a dedicated group/set in the local graph view and assign the highlight color you want and then use file:(note_name) as the search condition for this group/set so that you can always give the note_name note the right color in the local graph view.

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