Select text, drag to a new line and "copy" that text there with brackets automatically around it?

Anyone know what the secret is to select text, drag that text to a new line and that text is copied to a new line as a link in brackets? I got it to do it once in about 50 tries and am not sure how? This is Mac desktop btw.

Thought basic drag and copy was something like click and hold the left mouse button on the text you want to copy. While holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the location where you want to copy the text. Release the mouse button to drop the copied text at the new location. That should work for basic copying, without brackets, but it’s not here.

Selecting text, dragging it to a new line and pressing the option key does bring up a + but then releasing mouse button does nothing. How the heck did I copy text by dragging and get the brackets around it???

I know I can just cmd-c, cmd v, but often when I’m trying to do the above, I don’t want text that’s in the OS clipboard overridden so I can paste it in the link I’ve created.

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I don’t know about dragging within a document, but you can drag a file from the list of files and drop it into an open file to create a link. Is that what you mean?

copying from line to line without ctrl-c by dragging.

Try triple clicking (to select paragraph/block), wait a second, press and hold the left mouse button, wait a second, slowly move the pointer to where you want the paragraph.

The timing is a little tricky, but you can tell if your doing it “right” if you see the paragraph moving with the pointer. You’ll see the cursor (insertion point) move on the left at the beginning of any blank line. Holding down optn shows a plus symbol but doesn’t seem to do anything differently (that I can tell).

[This should move the paragraph, but won’t create any link]

Actually kind of figured it out, without the autobrackets. It’s opt-cmd and drag. Not sure how I got it to make brackets instantly a few times. Had tried that method moving it to the new cursor location without keyboard modifiers, but it moves the whole text and doesn’t copy without. I think it might be quirkiness of a logitech mouse on Mac.


By default, if you type formatting symbols when text is selected, it will put them around the text, so you can do that after moving the text.

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