Select multiple folders and ability to open a folder for easy notes management and bulk editing

Use case or problem

At the moment you can select multiple notes but its not possible to select multiple folders to either move or select them.

Proposed solution

  1. The ability to select multiple folders from the files explorer. You can only select one folder for now.

  2. An option to open a folder by double clicking for bulk editing, moving or deleting notes.

The ability to open a folder by double clicking would be a great addition when managing a lot of notes, just like OSX finder (You can collapse folders but also open them for easy file management).

This would really help as a core feature as this is the only place where you can only manage your files. This feature would make the file explorer so much smoother and intuitive.

When you have so many notes, the collapsed folders and notes can make you feel like you are working on so many things. Working in a folder makes it so much easier and smooth.

Current workaround (optional)

The file tree plugin has the ability to open a folder but you cannot select multiple notes or folders.

Related feature requests (optional)