Select more than one tag in Tag pane (combine tags)

Right now there is no way to select more than one tag in Obsidian Tag pane to combine them. For example: I want to see all the notes that are tagged #bugs and feature-requests.


I get you, it’d be nice to click on tags and combine them easily for quicker search.

Currently in version 0.9.1 I use combined tags search a lot. The way I do it is by putting the following in the search bar:

tag:#bugs tag:#feature-requests

you could even search it just like this

#bugs #feature-requests

The difference between searching tag:#example and #example is in explained in the help ? section inside obsidian, if you search for “Work with Tags”

Hope this helps!


I think its a must-have, the old skool way. IMHO is the only piece of software that got tags 100% right.
I moved to using Obsidian with a little, tiny wish back in my head… that one day this will be implemented.
So, please, please, please… for the benefit of all people that don’t know how badly they need it… please, make it happen. :slight_smile:
+1000 :star_struck:

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Wow, thanks developers for adding functionality of selecting multiple tags in tag pane (currently in Insiders build).

Now, I think that selecting tag should filter tags list in pane to show only tags that are shared with already selected tags, you know what I mean. This is even closer to tagging nirvana.

Well, maybe I could try to write down some of my crazy ideas about UI. With Obsidian, it’s first time I feel like sharing it for the discussion. Thx again for the software!


this is amazing, loving this new awesome feature!

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