Select ALL (CTRL+a) in a Note?

Is there a way to Select All while in a Note? (CTRL+a)

There is no setting in the Editor or Hotkey.

Try it.

Sure, I can drag and select all, but how to map to a key combo?

Is there an issue, like it selects everything on the screen and not just what is inside the Note?

In editor mode you can find this option in context menu:


EDIT: ctrl+a works well in editor mode

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Ok, that was dim of me. But the CTRL+a still doesn’t highlight the selection. Maybe its a conflict with my laptop shortcut though it works it other apps fine.

Thanks for confirming that its supposed to work.

Found the issue. There was a mapping in the hotkeys for CTRL+a to “Follow link under cursor”. Not something I would use. Unless it was a key slip, this must have been assigned by a third party plugin.

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