Select 2 tags on iPhone?

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[ x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

I find tags very helpful to quickly search, and this works great on Mac (click tag 1 and shows up in search bar, click tag 2 and shows up and now essentially have a tag 1 AND tag 2 search).

I would like to replicate this on my iPhone. When I select a tag however it shows the search bar, and when I click back to tags to select a second tag it just replaces the next selection in the search bar.

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same here, is there a way to select multiple tags on iphone similar to mac?

I think if you are ok typing manually, this works by typing this way on your search bar.

tag:#crest tag:#chest

In this search your result will be of files that has both the tags.

If you are looking for either one of tags. You can use this instead.

tag:#crest OR tag:#chest
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I meant clicking not typing

I tried this on my android mobile. I did not find a way to select multiple tags by click. I think, you should raise a feature request on this.

Edit your title as mentioned:

Please add [Bug] or [Feature] to your post title, then delete this line.

I hope someone will try to bring this feature. Or else, a plugin should be found to serve this problem.

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