See the full file path in search results & note titles

Things I have tried

I searched full path, “full path”, “absolute path” in the help docs but could not find anything that looked relevant.

What I’m trying to do

I maintain meeting notes date-wise.

2020/10/23 Aseem
2020/11/04 Aseem
2020/12/23 Aseem

Here 2020 and 11 are folder. The end is note titles

I am trying to enumerate all discussions that I had. So I am using this query


It shows me this in preview

23 Aseem
04 Aseem
23 Aseem

This gets confusing. Is there a way to have the query show me full path.

Similarly when I am viewing a note the title says “23 Aseem”.

Is there a way for me to be able to view the full file path all across obsidian?

I understand that many people use a completely flat hierarchy. But I find that I keep on losing stuff. So I would like some hierarchy. But having this hierarchy is causing the above to happen. Suggestions welcome about a possible solution (other than flattening everything).

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