"See previous version of file" - pane stays empty with all files

On Obsidian Desktop, using v0.12.13. Trying to see “my previous versions” of a file when using the three dot menu in the open file I notice that the center pane remains consistently empty for all files, i.e. I can copy nothing into the clipboard and no previous versions are visible.

Accessing the “Restore Data” option from the settings (View> Choose file) with the same file I can see that there are several versions of it, I can choose any of them as expected, their content appears in the center pane and I can copy it to the clipboard – all is well.

Have no custom CSS installed and tried the described procedure with all 3rd party Plugins disabled. Any ideas?

I don’t understand what you are talking about. There is no “my previous versions” in the ... menu and there is no “Restore Data” in the settings.

Regardless of the names, is it possible that you are making a big confusion between the sync plugin and the file recovery plugin?

Sync only stores a version when you sync (a new version of) the file.
File Recovery stores a version according to that plugin fixed schedule.

Sorry, bad backtranslation on my part from a non-English version. I’m speaking of the file recovery function. The menu-point under … is called “View version history” in the English version. The sidebar (where I’d expect the versions to appear) stays empty, the center pane (where the content should appear) likewise; this is the case for all my files.

If I check the very files (any one of them) via Prefs>File Recovery>View>{{filename}} all the previous versions are visible and I can copy their content to the clipboard.

My snapshot interval is 5 min, my history length is 7 days.

Expected behaviour would be that in both cases the previous versions are visible and their content accessible.

OSX 11.5.1 | v0.12.13

I am going to reiterate: you are confusing the “sync history” and the “file recovery history”. Two different plugins.

Sync History only contains versions for sync events.

Ok - got it. Switched off the sync plug-in (which I don’t use) and indeed the button in … disappears. Was fixated on having access to file recovery via the three-dot menu – wishful thinking and possibly because panel and sidebar look the same in both plug-ins. Thanks for helping to clear this up.

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we will change the name in the menu so it’s not confusing.

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