Security and transparency

Hi there, thought I’d just send a quick private message.

The transparency I was suggesting was intended to be a helpful comment, but I think was misconstrued. I think you’re assuming a level of coding and general tech knowledge that is beyond a lot of your users, such as me. I was imagining that perhaps there’s a way to let people know what data a plugin requires, and what risk that represents: this would be specific information about the plugin. You could even make this a self-declaration on the part of the developer, in the spirit of letting non-coders understand information they would otherwise not have. I’m sure the more tech savvy members of the community would soon call out a developer making elusive or incorrect statements. Maybe it’s not that simple… I don’t honestly know.

When I was deciding whether to switch to Obsidian, I was reviewing against other paid PKM solutions and more manual ones (ie cobbled together workflows) using my existing mostly paid software. So free or paid did not frankly weigh in my decision: I was just looking for a solution to a problem, and liked yours over say Roam.

I could learn to code, but that’s not a productive way forward for me… after all, I’m here to save time or use it more wisely.

Hope this helps understand where I’m coming from.