Sections of 'Full Calendar' plug-in popping up when hovering the mouse

I’ve just downloaded the Full Calendar plug-in to try time blocking, but the sections of the calendar keep popping up out of line with each other whenever I hover over them. I’ve attached screenshots from the regular view (not hovering over), then when hovering over the ‘all-day’ section, and when hovering over the main calendar.

I can’t find anywhere in setting to turn this off-- is it a bug or a feature? Could it be related to the theme that I have installed (Light and Bright)?
Does anyone know how to turn it off, either in the plug-in’s settings or via CSS etc.?


Sorted out a solution! The Light and Bright theme scales up all tables by a factor of 1.05, so I added a CSS snippet to override this.

table:hover {
    transform: scale(1.00) !important;

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