Searching for "foo bar" in Quick Switcher does not find a note titled "bar foo"r


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.3 (95)

Is this a bug?

I have a note named “bar foo” in my vault.

Open mobile app and type “foo bar” without the quotes in the quick switcher search box…

Nothing found.

This works on my iPhone (with the file name of ‘bar foo’ in lowercase letters), but not if ‘match case’ is on AND the iPhone automatically capitalizes ‘foo bar’ as ‘Foo bar’.


Please try the debug steps before posting a bug report.

Looks fine here.

My apologies! Yes the literal search field does find the note regardless of the order of the keywords entered.

BUT the same search in the “Quick Switcher” search fails. I guess this is by design? But it confused me.

The Quick Switcher is looking for notes you already created.

It was already created. It’s ok, this can be closed as I assume I was just misunderstanding how the search/filtering works in the Quick Switcher

I don’t think it’s a bug. My understanding of the Quick Switcher is that it matches note names that contain the characters you type in the order you type them, with other characters potentially appearing between them. So typing cat ft will match “cat foot”, and “catalogue (aftermarket)” but not “fat cat”. (If you have >10,000 notes it uses a simpler approach that matches fewer things.)

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