Searching a node and where it points to?

I’ve overlooked something. When searching for a node or filtering and the node is found in the graph, it doesn’t show where it’s pointing to? Is there anyway to do this? Or have I missed the point?

Apologies, but I don’t quite follow you. Are you trying to filter your graph for a single node? And then you are expecting that single node to be highlighted in some way?

My question was definitely confusing.

Say I have a MD file with the title Fruit and it has references to pear, apple, orange, and so on.

If I filter for Fruit, a single node as you mentioned, is it possible to somehow view what Fruit is pointing to?

Thanks for you reply.

What if you just went to the local graph for Fruit? So open the Fruit note and then Open local graph.

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That works perfectly. I have to admit this was a case of RTFM for me, and I shall RTFM when I get a bit more time.

Thank you for the help.