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Dear Obsidian Community,

I recently started to use obsidian for my research work - but I am still an absolute newcomer.

Therefore I want to ask if anyone has a suggestion for a smart solution to the following problem.

And I am also using data view .

I am reading lots of documents about a certain topic. In the notes I am taking from this readings I would like to mark individual sentences tag them.

So at the end I wish to see a list of all sentences I market related to the tag: e.g.

All sentences that constitute an institutional gab or a business risk … and so forth.

I would be more than happy to find a solution for that.

Best Markus

Your best bet would be search/query. I don’t think dataview can return a block unless u make it a key:: value pair. So right now you may do this


DataView doesn’t support blocks yet, but eventually will.

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