Search text in PDFs

I do have running a raspberry with my own ktor server and an always open obsidian instance anyway, so this probably would have a lot of use to me if it works better than the current alternatives :slight_smile:

I think most of the limitations of building the search feature is no more limitation.

@WhiteNoise support for searching in native pdf is available now. The issue is closed with complete status.

@scambier Looks like Live Text API is available for developers now, not sure if it’s only for cameras or available outside as well.

I think we have more options available now to implement a better search. Those who have time please revisit this issue and give your suggestions. Let’s make a step toward a better pdf search in obsidian.

@Dor @CharlieP @Bjaux @Blubloos @scambier

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Apple Forum suggests that Live Text is available for PDFKit