Search results ordered according to note size

Use case or problem

I write my notes in Obsidian using an approach where each note tends to be only about one thing. Most of my notes are fairly short. Sometimes they’re not and a way to order the notes in my would according to file size / text length would help identifying which notes contain too large amounts of text. The largest notes usually containing much more than one object. Going through those kind of notes, I invariably find it helpful to identify text masses that are better places in their own notes. The end result is most of my notes tend to be relatively smaller because they are supposed to be about one thing at a time.

Proposed solution

I suppose it will be easy to identify large notes, because it is simply a matter of defining a threshold of bytes or simply ordering notes by file size as you would in the folder they’re sitting in (this is what I do at the moment).

Current workaround (optional)

I simply go to my folder on the desktop and order all the .md files according to size. Then I go into Obsidian and search for the given file name.

Related feature requests (optional)