Search results in Graph - when hover

Don’t waste reading just watch the clip!

Use case or problem

I want to to search for a term, and immediately get a visual feedback, which notes in the graph are shown in my search results.
I managed making a preview in adobe premiere, for hovering over a searched term.
Instead of opening a new graph separated from the hole overview.
It highlights the hovered search term in the graph, that way i can quicker lookaround connections.

Preview / “Mockup”.


I like this idea a lot because I’m using Obsidian for connecting legal concepts for law school. It would be really helpful to visualize things like this because it’s the main reason as to why I switched to Obsidian.


I am sure this kind of feature will be added sooner or later. I changed the titled and made a hint that people should just watch the video. This a obvious intuitively fitting feature, I think a must have, can be also worked a bit more this is just a basic idea of it for the beginning.

For example after a click on the search result with control/shift hold, could leave the highlighting of the nodes/connections “open”. Or and if you click with a same short cut set highlight for a node when you click it on the graph view.


I see no reason at all to not implement that.
Or does anyone else have a other opinion on that?