Search results being truncated?

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. I am new to this forum, just entered today.
I am renfield, using Obsidian now for about 3 month, slowly getting into it. I like it more everyday. I use it mostly for notetaking and task-management and I am trying to figure out, how it works best for me.

I like having a master tasklist. It just is a huge list with tasks, each task starting with a colored square that indicates the area of the task (like home, volunteer work, job, web development, …).

In addition to that, I have sub pages, where I use the search to filter out all tasks in a certain area:

line: 🟩 file:"Master-Tasklist"

Unfortunately, the result page never shows all results at once. I always have to click on “and 17 more matches”.

Is there a way, that the results are not being truncated?

Thanks for your help!

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Not right now, but there are a couple of feature requests for customising how query results are displayed. You might want to add your support over there!

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Thanks a lot for your answer! I am going to look for a feature request that I can support.