Search result to have option to tag or backlink keywords

Similar to the unlinked mentions view has a button for you to create links, there should be buttons to create tags or backlinks in the search results.


What would such created link point to? To file in last active pane?
Isn’t this better solved by aliases introduced in Obsidian Release v0.9.16 ?

I’m sorry if I’m misunderstanding your question, but the request is for the same result to happen as when you click “Link.” It would automatically turn that selection into a backlink.

I am requesting that the same should happen in the search results for when searching for backlinks and for tags (so for tags, it would just turn that selection into a tag).

Possible scenario:

Following files exist:

  • ObsidianVault/folder1/
  • ObsidianVault/folder2/
  • ObsidianVault/

Each of the files above has has YAML header:

aliases: ["SomeAnotherText"]

There is also file “ObsidianVault/” which contains text:
sometext, SomeAnotherText

Only the file “” is open in active pane, other files are closed.

Linking from backlinks pane unambiguously creates link [[ActiveFile|SomeAnotherText]].

When you search “sometext”, then it is not clear which of the following do you want to create:

  • #sometext
  • [[sometext]]
  • [[ActiveFile|sometext]]
  • [[folder1/sometext]]
  • [[folder2/sometext]]
  • (or corresponding markdown-style versions of the link)

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