Search operators for Note Creation/Modification Date

I’d use a basic “created:” and “edited:” date operator heavily for searches/saved searches so I can find notes I edited on a particular day.

Of further and fancier use would be:

  • Timeframe functionality so I can specific > or < dates in searches
  • Date and Time functions (The Notion Formula Cheat Sheet) like now(), date(), dateAdd(), etc.

It seems there’s ways to sort of hack this using the file: operator and Zettel-UIDs, but I’d find this extremely useful as a first-class operator


I would also really like this as well. Coming from Notion, I used a lot of properties on my pages, and most I probably didn’t use, but filtering by Date modified or created was very useful for getting things like a list of movies I watched in 2020 that were of the sci-fi genre.


I also have a strong need for such a feature. Also, a good next step is to a date range search capability.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

New adopter of Obsidian, my usage case is to try a journaling approach to my work and from that extract actions and ongoing notes. My job is probably an analyst.

Can I imbed in a note a search based on date, so as an example I’d like to see all notes created or modified in the last 7 days?


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If you are planning on searching your daily notes, you can take a look at the Vantage plugin.


Reviving this topic because a simple feature to search notes based on creation/edited date would be really useful to me (embed search by created date inside daily note) or in general searching by date feels like a needed feature.

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It would be nice if we can have some meta information, such as creation time, modified time, etc, associated with a note, without displaying them. Those information may be accessed by menu and can be used in searches.

I’d like to see the creation date being able to be edited too, which is useful for importing files created before.

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@toshiki The best option I know of currently is to use frontmatter and disable the Show frontmatter setting. Since Obsidian only relies on the text that is actually stored in the note, it would be impossible for it to be hidden. I take that back. I guess Obsidian or a plugin could store this information somewhere else or simply hide it from being viewable, but I feel like this would contradict what most people expect from how the software works. I may be wrong.


Thanks for the reply. I mean the latter approach you mentioned. Since Obsidian creates a .obsidian folder in my root folder I actually expect that it stores some useful information there.

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+1 for this FR, being able to use date fillers in searches would be extremely useful for me.

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding, but I’ve create a workaround for being able to find notes by date of entry/change.

Using Cmenu I’ve added a button on the menu to insert the date wherever desired. For me I’ll add it underneath a heading I’ve created or if I’ve made changes under that heading. The “Natural Language Dates: Insert the current date” plugin option was assigned to the Cmenu.

In my case the date format is DD-MM-YY

You can then search using the following regular expression in the default search bar.


This would be the default search for all dates in 1922.


This would find all days in Oct, Nov, Dec. (10,11,& 12). You can see that the second set of brackets have change to limit the month. Each bracket is a digit in the date and the dash denotes a range of numbers.

If you wanted to limit to just Dec, then change the last bracket to just ‘2’.
In this case the following would also work

If you want to limit to weeks or day you need to adjust the first two brackets.
This would find notes at and after the 20th of June, missing the 30th, 31st.
This would catch those days

If you make a change to the note you just need to go the area change (under a heading for example) and re-paste the date via cmenu.