Search operator title: (like file: but including non-existing files/links)

Use case or problem

I have many notes referring to people, which are all named as [[@Name]] (so with an ‘@’ at the beginning of the title). However, most of them only exist as links and hence don’t have any actual file related to them (yet).

Now, in the graph view I would like to give all those people-notes one specific color (using color groups). While it is possible to query all existing notes with “file:@”, this is not possible for the non-existing ones.

Proposed solution

Having a search operator querying for the title (i.e. for the wiki-link) the intended behavior would be possible (e.g. “title:@”).

Current workaround (optional)

I’m not aware of any simple workaround and I did not find any in the forum. However, I believe that there must already be such an operator built into Obsidian: in the suggestions modal that pops up after typing “[[@”.

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