Search not working

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Search has suddenly topped working.
No results are returned for any term.
Match case toggled on and off to no effect.

Obsidian otherwise seems to be working fine.

Operating system: macOS Monterey

what is your version & installer version?
(Both in Settings > About)
What plugins are you using?

Do update all your plugins, the Query Control plugin in particular had a version that broke search in insider testing.

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Hi - thanks for responding.

Current version: v0.15.6 (Installer version: v0.14.6) Your app is up-to-date!


Better file link

Better word count



CSS snippets


Day planner

DB folder

Focus mode



Natural language dates

Note refractor


Periodic notes



Tag wrangler



And I’ve just reloaded all plugins. Problem persists.

Hi - search has come back. I quit and reloaded, which I’d done several times before, and this time it worked.

Oddly, the More Options group of icons has moved from being at the bottom (right of the sidebar) and is now at the top. Odd, but not a problem.

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Just experienced this. Search stopped working. No results returned whatsoever. Tag Wrangler shows 5 tags but searching those tags resulted in zero results (the search results panel is blank).

Version 0.15.6, installer version 0.15.6. Updating the installer was the change before this loss of search functionality.

3rd party plugins are: Banners, Excel to MD Table, Icon Folder, Nomnoml Diagram, Obsidian Query Language, Tag Wrangler

Closing and reopening the app restores the search functionality. Once. That is, the search string entered prior to closing the app will be executed upon opening the app. But subsequent search strings will not be searched.

In other words, to search something, I have to enter the search string, then relaunch the app to see the search results.

Toggling Match Case and Explain Search Term does nothing. Clicking Collapse Results clears the search results panel until relaunch.

Addendum: Change Sort Order does nothing. Toggling Show More Content works.

try turning off community plug ins, restart Obsidian and see if it works or not. If it works, add back the plug ins one at a time try it and see if one of the plug ins is causing this.

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Ah-hah! Icon Folder breaks the search functionality. Will report to the author.

Thank you!!!


Same problem here. And turning off all plugins doesn’t work.

Installer version: 0.15.6
Obsidian version: 0.15.9

Any suggestion?

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