Search not including file names

Steps to reproduce

Create note with title “Mighty Eagle” (filename becomes Mighty

Enter “Shiny Panda” into note as its content.

Search (shift-cmd-F) for “eagle”, then search for “panda”.

Expected result

The file just created should show up in the results for both searches.

Actual result

The file just created shows up only in the second result when searching for a word inside the file.


  • Operating system: maxOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.2

Additional information

I expect the search to include filenames. They are part of a note. I don’t want to be forced to repeat filenames as headlines inside a note.

At least inclusion of filenames should be an option.

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Not a bug unfortunately: the developers call this a feature. See here and here.

Search for file names by using the file: operator. And please search before posting new issues, this has been discussed repeatedly recently.

@AlexanderSavenkov It’s not that it’s a “feature,” but it’s the way it currently works. Keep in mind that Obsidian is still in Beta. Search might continue to evolve.

To wit, please add likes/replies to the feature request on changing this behaviour if you want it to change: Make default search function look in all fields - filename, content, tags, etc

Thanks for the info. I trusted the suggestions of related posts when I created the posting; nothing showed up there that seemed relevant. Sorry.

To me, though, the file: operator is just a workaround since I don’t want to think about where a search term might be located. For now it’s better than nothing :wink:


No worries! Glad to be helpful.

The guys fixed the default behavior in 0.8.5, yay!