Search Links? Store/embed searches as internal links

I don’t know how difficult this may be, but I am curious about your thoughts on a potential accessing of search capabilities by storing search terms in the form of some internal link.

Potential use case

In Obsidian there’s potential to have a lot of tag crossover as you cultivate your Instead of typing in something like "#tagone" "#tagtwo" everytime you want to get a more defined search, perhaps a method can be considered to encapsulate those searches and called upon in a single click. Idk how exactly that can be carried out, but maybe something of a cross between the wiki link ability and it outputs a tagged format link. Or, perhaps we can just call the obsidian search ability and access that via the wiki or markdown links.

Something like [text](search:"#tagone" "#tagtwo"). And in the html/css, this kind of link can have its own property, like .search-link instead of .internal-link or .external-link so that we can color it differently, making it standout as a search link.


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