Search is sometimes not finding anything

I have a note with the word “pfSense” in it, I have the note open.

I search for “pfsense” (without quotes) and it says “not matches found”. Do I need to reindex or something like this?

The search is not failing all the times, but it regularly fails.

I use iCloud to sync at the moment, in case it’s relevant and this is on macOS.

Things I have tried

relaunching Obsidian, relaunching computer.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to use the search.

I was able to narrow down my issue: the search does not match on the note title for old notes (imported from Evernote) somehow. For new notes it works fine, it matches with words contained in the title.

Does it ring any bell?

One first quick thing to check. Do you have “Match case” turned on? If so, pfsense will not match pfSense.

If that isn’t it, can you paste a section sample of the note that doesn’t work properly? Or the text of the title that isn’t working?

And paste it inside triple backticks ``` so it doesn’t alter the formatting in the forum.

I’m wondering if there is some html formatting residual in your note leftover from Evernote. And maybe those tags are breaking up the word or the title?

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