Search inside transcluded notes

What I’m trying to do

I have a master note that transcludes several other notes for easy reference. I would like be able to search through the content of all the transcluded notes easily. These notes are scattered in different folders so I have trouble finding a way to search through just these notes with Ctrl-Shift-F too.

I tried using ctrl-f on the master note but it does not search the content of the transcluded note. Is there a easy way of searching into transcluded notes?

Things I have tried

  • Ctrl-f with the master note open, does not work.
  • Ctrl-Shift-f does not seem to have options to help with the search.

This is probably not currently possible, to great dismay, and severely limits the usefulness of transcluding/embedding (I can’t remember what the difference is).

I agree, this should be a default ability, but I have not figured out how to do it either.

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As far as I know the best you can do is to manually copy the links of the embedded files into path: operators and add that to a search. Search - Obsidian Help

That’s obviously a hassle, but if you’re going to search in the file more than once you can save the search string in the note so you only have to copy-paste it next time.

I’m actually surprised there’s not a feature request for this (unless I missed it).

I would use it.


That surprises me too! I’ve definitely seen it come up multiple times.


I agree that this would be useful.

This request is along the same lines: Toggle to let embeds share tags/links



I’m sorry if I’m not understanding this request, but I just tested with a note having an embedded document, and if in reading view I can hit Cmd F and search for stuff in the embedded document just fine.

What’s not working in your version? (And which version/platform are you on?)

I can’t use the Cmd F to search for embedded stuff in neither source mode nor live preview, but in reading view it works just fine.

And when using the Cmd Shift F (aka the side panel search), it does return in which documents my search term appears, but it doesn’t include documents where those documents are embedded of course. So maybe that would be an option to get better lists of where any given document is embedded?

Switch to reading view, and hit Ctrl f, and you should be able to search the entirety of the master note, embedded content or not.


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