Search inside linked tags

Do not show already linked item in unlinked matches. Example I search fire and in unlinkded mention I got [[Fire station]] and [[Firewall]]. It should just search for regular text not links nor hyperlinks and if then matching full word.

I am not sure I full undersand what want here. You talk about search and unlinked mentions?
There are not unlinnked mention in search.

Sorry to mix terms. I mean Obsidian will do the search via Backlink plugin. And for a note with name he will suggest me to create link it with already existing links in some file [[Fire station]] and [[Firewall]].

make sure you are 0.8.4 and post a screenshot

Also, we a procedure and a template for bug reports.
For the future, please use bug reports just for bugs. Please, search before posting and when you post a bug report, you should use the template.

Thanks get it. I was offline few months… Is the template for bugs pinned somewhere in the top of the section? I just check the “Bug reports” section and I cannot quickly find any template.

when you create a new bug report it is preloaded with the template.

this shoud be fixed now