Search: Ignore HTML tags

“Solar energy is a clean energy source”. When taking notes, to emphasize the distinction, I changed the color for “Solar”. The actual content of the note became <font_color =XXXX>Solar<\font_> energy,

Later, when I search for “Solar energy”, the corresponding results won’t be displayed.

This is important for taking notes on academic and knowledge-related topics because highlighting or any other form of marking would result in the loss of the ability to retrieve the keywords.

Furthermore, in everyday searches, if your notes have various formatting elements such as colors or tables, the search results would appear extremely messy.

Therefore, I hope there can be a feature to “block code interference in searches”.

used machine translation
My English is poor, forgive me…



I’m not sure searching and rendering (or not) HTML markup properly in Search results will be considered a priority. Maybe a plugin (like query control) could do it?

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Technically this is a duplicate of

But I’m leaving it as it’s own request for now since HTML might be handled differently (we’ll see what WhiteNoise thinks).

I’m also changing the title for clarity (was “Request to add the function of blocking code interference when searching”).


Obsidian has become my most important note app. Because it starts fast, I even use it to replace the built-in notebook app on my phone.
I hope the software can integrate this function, even if there are plugins to replace it, but it will always affect the speed, after all, search should be one of the core functions of a note software.