Search historic

Use case or problem

When conducting searches, it can be common to perform multiple searches in a row that are related to the initial search. However, if you don't remember your previous searches or their results, you may lose your place and waste time repeating searches.

Proposed solution

To address this issue, I propose adding a search history feature that allows users to easily access their previous searches. There are two potential ways to implement this feature:
  1. Allow users to toggle through their previous searches using the up and down arrow keys within the search input zone.
  2. Add an icon above the search input zone that displays a dropdown menu of the user’s previous search results. Users could then select a previous search to redo it.

By implementing a search history feature, users would be able to quickly and efficiently navigate through their previous searches and avoid repeating searches unnecessarily.

There is already a search history. And you can cycle through those searches using the keyboard.

Oh I didn’t see this one because I always do shift ctrl f and have something in the search bar. I guess this is solved.

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Ok cool!

Also, I’ll point out (because it isn’t obvious you have to switch to the star tab), you can also save a search in your starred items.


Also, Omnisearch has a “cycle history” hotkey in the “Browse vault” command. alt-up and alt-down cycles through your previous searches. (If you have Omnisearch and it doesn’t work, make sure to update, because that was just recently fixed. I just learned this.)

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My god I’m going from discover to discover tonight :smile:
and yes the place where it is not obvious even to remember
and arrow showing a movement to star in search would be more intuitive

or even this

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Definitely! It’s an old open request. :slight_smile:


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