Search function (core plugin) must every time I boot Obsidian be desactivated and reactivated before it properly works

Things I have tried

The forum-search gave me no solution.

What I’m trying to do

Let the search-function work properly

Search function (core plugin) does not work properly. Bug version 0.15.9???

  • What did I do: I did not find any isues on the forum.

What happens.
When starting Obsidian and I want to use the search function the last used search term is in the search field. However, there are no search results on the screen. When entering a different search term, no new results are generated.

What is a workaround but not a definitive solution
The only solution I have found to make the search function active again is via settings > core plugins > Search plugin deactivate and immediately reactivate. After that the search function can be used again.

What do I expect from the solution?
This is a very annoying situation and I would always like that search function back active. What is the solution for this?

What is the probable cause?
I can’t say for sure if this phenomenon occurs since the new update (v0.15.9).

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Does this happen in Restricted Mode? The Query Control plugin broke Search for a while (maybe fixed now, I don’t know).

How do I activate “restricted mode”?

In Settings > Community plugins, it’s the first item.

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