Search for wikilinks starting with [[ conflicts with properties

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Use case or problem

I am using almost ever wikilinks instead of tags.
I used to search for this links via global search: [[wikilinks

Proposed solution

It has worked well, until the update with the “search for properties” in the last year.
Since then, the search for [[ conflicts with search for properties.

Current workaround (optional)

I am still able to search for exact matching wikilinks by search for “[[wikilinks”.
But have to use workarounds to get results for links with the same starting phrase.
It was very useful to me, that I was able to search for: [[wiki
and all results even for [[wikilinks showed up, but not “normal” words in text beginning with wiki.

Related feature requests (optional)

I am asking you, if you could change the symbol for searching for properties.
So no more using “[” but something else instead maybe “%%” or “<<” or likes.

Or get access again to search for wikilinks by typing: [[wikilink