Search Filter untagged Notes

What I’m trying to do

I want to search for all untagged files in my vault. This would be helpful to find notes that aren’t completed and might otherwise end up forgotten.
I tried using -tag, -tag: or tag:none, without success. Didn’t find any solution in the help docs either (Working with tags and Search).

Anyone know how to achieve the desired search filter? Appreciate your help, folks! :slight_smile:


There is no way to do that right now AFAIK. Check Search for searching tips.

The same happens with “task”. There is no way to find notes without any “task”.

You should add a Topic in the “Feature request” category detailing the case. Maybe -task:"" and -tag:"" should be suported to do the trick.

Or -tag:* (not all tags), or just !tag: (not tag)

thanks for the information.

@moderators Could you perhaps move this to the feature request category?