Search feature is not working

Things I have tried

Checked on preferences but couldn’t find any settings.

What I’m trying to do

Hi all,

Search feature was working great on Obsidian. Recently I realized that search is not working. I am typing letters but it is non-responsive. I also tried strings from “search history”, but nothings happens.

What I did recent days is that I imported all my notes on Notepad++ (.txt, .sh, .sql, etc). After copying those files to the folder of Obsidian, I changed their extension by bash script. After this extension change, files become visible on Obsidian. I don’t know whether is has a relation with search feature, But I can say that Search is definitely not working.

version: 0.15.6


Does search work in the sandbox/help vault? Use your command palette and the command “show debug info” - you should see a button for the sandbox vault in the screen that appears. If not, posting the output of the “show debug info” might be useful to folks who can help investigate this. Good luck!

I don’t why but now is is working. I didn’t even shutdown my MacBook.

By the way, before writing here the situation, I tried close/re-open the app several times. I will test couple of more days and write the results here.

thanks @scholarInTraining

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It happened to me too until I realized it was due to the “Query control” plugin.

Switching in a second, in and off, this plugin has solved the problem for me.

Unfortunately I must do it every time I open Obsidian as long as I keep enabled the plugin

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Thank you! I posted a bug report.

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