Search by synonyms

I think there have already been posts about the same idea.
It would be interesting to be able to search for a word in obsidian and have in the search results, where the synonyms of that word are.
It would be even more interesting to be able to right click on a word in a note and search by synonyms.

In my case, I import in my vault, articles found on the net, the goal is to synthesize them and link them to other existing articles, to create new ones with a new angle in addition to my point of view. Being able to link these articles afterwards, by doing research on the same, similar and synonymous words, would allow me to create more links between these articles.

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It should be possible to limit the search to certain folders. For example, I have a folder containing notes and articles on sports, I would like to search for the term resilience and its synonyms, in the context of sports.