Search by substring or filtering in a tag search panel

When I typing tags in a note, tag filter works well like this.
But in a tag search panel there are no filters or search features, why?
Very frustrating. I think it’s logical to have a filter and search by tags in a search field, no?

As a workaround, you can use regular expressions:

Mmm…is there a way for more transparent and easy workaround for this filter, maybe in a future? Regex is still a more programming-expert feature, I think not as easy and QUICK as “just typing by substring”. Of course, I agree that end-user should know…etc…but… can you make it more easy? Thanks.
Of course, thanks for your solve, I will try.

Yeah, you still have a valid feature request that could get implemented someday.

Regex might look intimidating but it is less like programming and more like a puzzle. In this case, all you need to know is:

  • wrapping a search term in /slashes/ instructs Obsidian to treat it as a regex search term;
  • ^# means "find words that begin with #;
  • .* means find any number of other characters
  • ample means find the string “ample”

Great thanks for this short memo