Search by multiple tags defined in YAML

If I have tags in the text, I can search the file by these tags together.

But if I have tags in the YAML, I cannot search the file by them together.

Hi @np22,

Problems like this are often caused by the tags being defined in the YAML frontmatter incorrectly. There should be no # character in front of the tags. Tags in the frontmatter should look like this:

- tag1
- tag2

When searching for tags in the frontmatter, be sure to use the tag: search modifer, e.g.:

tag:tag1 tag:tag2

Here’s a working example of tags defined in the frontmatter and searching for them:



Alternate ok YAML format:

tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3]


Ah I don’t know I need the second “tag:”. Thanks!

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Thanks! This is the one I am using now

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