Search and Graph view not working


Both search and the graph view are empty.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve tried several different search terms that I know for certain exist (easy words, etc)
  • I’ve clicked on the tag pane which opens the search for tags: no result in the search pane (though the tag pane shows the tags and the number of pages)
  • case sensitive on/off made no difference
  • Explain Search Term toggle shows what is searching for (e.g. “Match tag: #atomic”), but nothing under that (no results)
  • Backlink pane: linked mentions work, but unlinked mentioned are always empty, too

Graph is just empty, also after resetting all defaults.

What I’m trying to do

I can easily live without a Graph view, but search is by now critical: I have more than 20 files now :wink: I’d really like to know what I could do, is there a search index that can be manually rebuilt?

Any help or pointers are very welcome!

What do you mean by “20 files”? Are they folders? Are they notes? How many notes do you have?

Ah, sorry, that was phrased poorly. I have around 250 notes in 4 folders plus a few Files and Templates in those two folders.

What I meant is that at >20 files, I need the search feature to find my way around more, so it’s essential.

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