Search aliases like titles

It would be neat to search front-matter aliases just like searching for filenames/titles.

Use case

Many of my notes are named using full terminologies. I add abbreviations in the aliases for convenience. During a search, the abbreviations often come to my mind instantaneously while the full terminologies do not. Direct search for the abbreviation often result in unwanted results. There was a similar concern in Bug reports

Proposed solution

It would be great to add a search syntax for front-matter aliases or incorporate this into the file: syntax with a toggle in the setting.



The use of regex could improve the search results for the time being.


Similar request: Make file: find aliases as well. More on that on this thread


Not even that. But I will also have the situation where there are multiple ways of naming a note and the correct one won’t come to mind. For example I have a note titled “Note Ideas” with the alias “Notes to Create” and will search for “Notes to Create” before I end up thinking to search for “Note Ideas”

A good workaround is to use the Quick Switcher. The Quick Switcher treats aliases just like file names, and it shows the full file name below:

I frequently add synonyms as aliases, so that I can search (via QS) for either term.

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One limitation of this suggested workaround is that it is sensitive to the order in which you list the words. For example, if I have a note with words “Word1 Word2 Word3” but I search for “Word 3 Word2”, nothing is found.