Scrolling issues in preview mode (0.9.0)

There are scrolling issues in preview mode, when note has several images (looks like the size of the images is not calculated correctly, resulting in jumping when scrolling and even infinite scrolling).

Here is the video.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.0, no CSS

Additional information

Does it happen only with that image?
Do you get errors in console cmd-shift-i?

Can you send me a copy of the files in question? The md file + images if they’re local.


Can repro, will see how I can fix this.

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Can confirm that, happens to me as well (Linux)

I’ve fixed this is 0.9.1.


Sorry to say this, but I still see the same issue in 0.9.1: there are jumps when scrolling and infinite scroll (sometimes).

Here is a video.

And here is a note which was used in the video. scrolling issue (870 Bytes)



![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 1](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 2](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 3](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 4](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 5](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 6](

![Food-Свинина в кислосладком соусе 7](

Good catch, I seem to have forgotten the last one of the list.

New fix is going out for 0.9.2 - hopefully for good this time.