Scrolling in preview mode using the keyboard

I’m new to Obsidian and loving it, one thing that’s missing though is when I change the view of a note from editor to preview and want to scroll. Since I’m using VIM it’d be really helpful to keep at least the basic navigations shortcuts to scroll through a note (j, k, Ctrl + D, Ctrl + U) in preview mode. Even if you’re not using VIM I’ve found that’s difficult to scroll using the arrows since you first have to click on the note and have it as an ‘active’ window for it to recognize the scrolling arrow gestures (I use Ctrl + E to toggle between editor and preview). So in short: It’ll be awesome if the users that have enabled VIM could scroll using VIM gestures in preview mode!


I have also raise this here :smile: Support vim key-binding for navigation in Preview Mode


This will indeed be very useful. Is it possible to do this via an extension?

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