Scrolling around is choppy, long wait for text to appear

See the gif. Scrolling up and down in the file explorer and the text pane is choppy and jittery, sometimes it stops working altogether.

GIF link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’ll try to scroll, the page will move, after a delay, the text will show and the scroll handle thing will move.

I’m on 0.9.20 on a Mac with Catalina 10.15.7.
Anyone else run into this?

Does it happen with default CSS?

Yes it does.

reinstall obsidian from the website. what are you computer specs?

How big is you vault? how many files?

can you record and share a performance profile?
Ctrl-shif-i->performance->record while it is slow ->export to file -> zip it and send it to us.

Do you have translucent mode enabled? That’s what did it for me. I turned that off and everything got back to normal, but for some reason while it’s turned on it’s super laggy for me.

I have a KeepNote repository which was converted over to MD files; it’s huge. I don’t see any slowness, or failure to paint. Running in a Linux Mint Debian VM. It is good you captured it in a pic. No picture, it didn’t happen.