Scrollbars has been disappeared

Oneday, I reallized that the scrollbars in obsidian has been disappeard.
I’m using minimal theme.
I changed styled scrollbars setting, but It’s not working.
I couldn’t find the way to make it appear.
what I’m missing now? :frowning:

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

What operating system do you use? Maybe they are hidden in your computer settings.

Did you try to switch to the default theme to test? And if you have any CSS snippets, turn them off too.

Also, themes need to be updated occasionally. You can do that from the Appearance settings.

Thanks ~
I use Mac and Win. and It’s not working in both systems.
I tried it in the default theme and updated it already. but not working.

Now I got the reason for it.
It was card view mode plug-in.
When I turned off the toggle of it, It appeared.
Thanks ~

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